Freeze Dried Yogurt Melts (Nature Bite Brand)


Freeze Dried Yogurt Melts (Nature Bite Brand) is made from 100% yogurt which contains healthy Probiotics and Lactobacillus. Freeze Dried Yogurt Melt Nature Bite is now available in 4 flavours (Original, Strawberry, Mango and Tomato). The flavours are come from real freeze dried fruit powder that fully remains high fiber and vitamins. The product is delicious, healthy, and easy to consume, suitable for all ages from the kids to the elderly persons.

Not only consuming as a healthy snacks, this crispy yogurt is also good as a topping for ice-cream, cake, and other kind of sweets. In term of baby snack, the dinosaur shape of Freeze Dried Yogurt Melts aids in muscle development, color memory and creativity for them. Try and your kids will love it!


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