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       With more than 38years of experience, health-related businesses, 

Fancy  World  has   gained   unique  expertise in  developing   and 

producing products for life. 

      This  heritage  has  passed  from generation  to  generation  and  makes  this  company  alive  and  fruitful. Our  team  works closely  with all of the business subsidiaries to provide a completed control of the supply chain. We  ensure to our customer that our  raw  materials are  processed  with  utmost  care  to best satisfy our valued customers.

     Every day, our R&D experts develop things that we call solutions for life to serve the market as healthy and vigorous products


     Fancy World guarantees

 "Every unit comes out from our factory is safe, reliable, and absolutely worth every penny".

       Business Overview

     Fancy World Co., Ltd. founded in 1982, was originally a leading manufacturer of Electrolyte Beverage in Thailand under a  trademark 
ROYAL-D. We, nevertheless, have never stopped improving. We extend our product lines into Dietary Supplement Products, Beverage Powder, Ready-to-Drink Beverages, Freeze Dried Food, and Freeze Dried Ingredients. Our journey is not only limited to the Thai market. 
We are currently also exporting our products to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. We aim that our products will serve the world in the near future.

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