Welcome to Fancyworld Company Limited  

      A company founding in 1982, is one of the leading fine quality Freeze Dried Foods and Ingredients Manufacturer and Supplier in Thailand.

      Our company supply 100% real freeze dried products with hygienic process of dehydrating foods under a vacuum. Freeze dried products are

      the innovative solutions to challenging projects as a healthy alternatives to more processed ingredients such as snacks, drinks, cerals, soups,

      herbs, ready meals, bakery products, nutritional products, etd. Which freeze dried powders are rapidly being used in product ranges for

      food&beverage production as premium ingredients from nature.


       Our Story

        Our company has continually inherited from generation to generation why has been existent and productive. Our employees 

       always do cooperatively with all of the business subsidiaries for completed supply chain control. We definitely ensure our

       customers in the part of raw materials which are intentionally proceeded with our utmost standard for our valued customers.


      Business Overview

      Fancy World Co., Ltd. established in 1982, was originally a leading manufacturer of electrolyte beverages in Thailand under a

      trademark  ROYAL-D. Nevertheless, we have never stopped improving. We have extended our product lines into dietary supplement

      products, beverage powder, ready-to-Drink beverages, freeze-dried food and ingredients. Our journey is not only limited to the

      Thai market. We have been currently also exporting our products to USA, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan

      and China. We fully determine that our products will be served around the world in the near future.


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