Fancyworld Co.,Ltd.


Company Vision
Expanding into the global market by fully stuffing the organization with quality products and productive people


Company Mission
 We provide healthy food and drink by bearing in mind that your health is our priority concern


Company Value 

       F  -  Favourable  Our products are helpful and benefit your body. 

         A  -  Advanced    We always locate ourselves ahead of the standards

 N  -  Nutritious  We enrich your health with essential nutrition. 

                   C  -  Continuous   We've never stop improving ourselves in every business. 

              Y  -  You   We promise that your health always matters among all above.


Our standards

Fancy World emphasizes excellent control system with many world-class standards
such as HACCP, GMP, ISO, and HALAL. We keep control of our commitment and afford
for improving the standard quality to our products.


Head Office : 129 Charunsanitwong Rd., Bang-Or, Bangplud, Bangkok 10700 Thailand

Tel : (66) 2 433 4354 , (66) 435 3178

Factory : 65 Moo 2 , Pihan Daeng, Muang, Suphanburi 72000 Thailand        


Visitors: 90,129