About Us

  Fancy World Company Limited

   We has been a manufacturer of beverages, electrolyte drinks and dietary supplements

  for more than 33 years, currently has affiliated companies as follows:

  - Royal-D (Thailand) Company Limited

  - Synergy Beverage Company Limited

  - Qualitat (Thailand) Company Limited 


   Why Us?




  Company Vision - Expanding into the global market body fully stuffing the organization with quality products and 

                                            productive people


  Company Mission -  We provide healthy food and drink by bearing in mind that your health is our priority concern 



  Our Vision


     Favourable -  Our products are helpful and benefit your body.

     Advanced -   We always locate ourselves ahead of the standards

     Nutritious -   We enrich your health with essential nutrition.

     Continuous - We've never stopped improving ourselves in every business. 

     You -           We promise that your health always matters among all above.


   Our Standard
     On behalf of Fancyworld Company Limited, we always emphasize an excellent control system with many world-class standards such as                 HACCP, GMP, ISO and HALAL that we will keep control of our commitment and afford for improving the quality of our product standards.


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