Clares's Collagen Mixed berry flavour instant beverage. 
with collagen peptide 4,000 mg.
Acerrola cherry extract 1,000 mg.
Vitamin C 100 mg.
Co enzyme Q10 30 mg.

Brand : Clares' Collagen.



 Benefits of Clare's Collagen

1. With Antioxidants.
2. Wrinkle and Anti aging
3. Add collagen to the skin.
4.Leaves skin soft and smooth

Vitamin C.
Aids in strengthening blood vascular.
Aids in helping of anti-free radical process.
Aids in helping of collage and ligament of cartilage tissue formation.

Ingredient :
Collagen peptide 7,000 mg.
Acerola cherry extract.
Vitamin C.
Strawberry Powder.
Co enzyme Q10.

Use Sucralose Acesulfame k as sweetener. Nature identical flavour added artifical colour added.

Packing : 7g.*15 sachets*48 boxes per carton.


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