Clare's coffee prebio

Clare's coffee prebio. (Instant coffee)

Brand : Clare's Coffee.

Instant coffee with fiber, Fructo-oligosaccaride, Farcinia extract, L-carnitine, Vitamin B complex, Chromium Chelate.

Ingredient :
Fiber : Increase stool bulks in digestive tract help stimulate bowel movement.
Fructo -Oligosaccaride : Improved gastrointestinal, Food for probiotics.
Garcinia extact : Inhibits the accumulation of fat redduced appetite.
Chromium chelate : Works together with insulin to introduce glucose into cell.
L-Carnitine : Contribute to the energy metabolism.
Vitamin B Complex : Enhance nervous system function.

Packing : 14 g.*10 sachets*48 boxes per carton.

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