Calcium Calci-D (CDO05)

High Calcium Beverage Powder. (Orange Flavour)

Packing : 20g.*5 sachets*12 bags*8 Packs per carton. (96 bags)

Ingredient    : Calcium lactate gluconate 400 mg. , Vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12
and Vitamin C .

Calcium :
As major component of bone and teeth.
Aid in helping of blood clotting.
Aid in formation of strong bone and teeth.


Vitamin B1 :
Helps body gain energy from carbohydrate.
Aids in nervous system and muscle function.

Vitamin B2 : 
help body gain energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Vitamin B6 :  
Aids in building red blood cefll completely.
Aids in building essential substances in operation of nervous system.

Vitamin B12 :  
Aids in synthesis of essential substance for red blood cell formation.
Helps in function of never and brain system.

Vitamin C :
Aids in strengthening blood vascular.
Aids in helping of anti-free radical process.
Aid in helping of collage and ligament of cartilage tissue formation.








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